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  1. How do I look after my solid wood furniture?.

    We treat your furniture before delivery, this should last for 12 months, it may need to be treated more often if your furniture is in a sunny aspect.

    With Pine furniture we use Mylands, Morrells and Fiddes beeswax, or if asked for, we can use a Briwax finish, which are available in 400ml tins from our shop.

    Oak furniture is usually finished in either a Teak or Linseed oil and again should last for 12 months before re-applying, available from our shop.

    With a Varnish or Lacquer Finish you can apply a clear wax occasionally.

  2. How do I repair a dent on the top of my table?

    Place a dab of water in the dent and the cover with a damp cloth, then use a cool to medium heat iron over the cloth and the dent will magically disappear.

    Then sand the top and re-stain and apply beeswax.  

  3. What do I do if you not practically minded?

    Not a problem just call us and we shall be pleased to undertake the repair.

  4. what do you do if you damage the wood?.

    If there is a dent in the surface remove wax from the area and use a coloured filler, when dry stain and re-apply wax.

  5. What happens if we have a stain mark?

    With a white heat stain first use a 000 grade wire wool and lightly rub the area and then re-wax, if this doesn't remove the stain then remove the wax finish with Turpentine and sand the whole of the top, apply stain and when dry wax the top. 

  6. What to do with a cigarette burn?

    A careless flick of a cigarette butt can do quite a bit of damage to your wood furniture. The burn mark that remains is one that you won't likely soon forget. But that burn to your furniture is a stain that can be removed relatively easily. Make a paste of linseed oil and rottenstone (both can be found at your local home improvement store) and work it into the wood along the grain until the burn stain disappears. Wipe clean, and polish as usual.

What our customers say...

Thank you for your excellent service.
I am very pleased with the furniture and especially the finish.
I hope you continue to do well.

- Mrs S. Atherton, Bolton

Hi Ron

Thank you for our excellent furniture. You managed to help us find exactly what we needed for our new home and we are extremely happy with the service we received from you and are also very impressed with the quality, 10/10. The prices were reasonable and I can really see the long term benefits of not buying flat pack!!! Thank you Pine and Oak Emporium!

Phil Murphy

- Mr Phil Murphy